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Priority of Placement
  • Bonus Points
  • 2/4 Performance Points
  • Date of eBook Purchase
  • Circulating Currency
  • Free Join Date Critical

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Assumptions for PPEC pre-launch

  • Assume you make 10 points a person in a downline. (Example number only for calculations.)
  • There are 256 possible positions in a 2×7
  • Assume 100,000 join Phase1
  • Assume 50,000 join Phase2
  • Assume 30,000 join Phase3

Why would you tell your group in another program about the PPEC pre-launch?

  • Suppose your group has 1000 people in some program.
  • Suppose they are the top performer in that program with 6 children and 12 grandchildren.
  • If they become #1 in the PPEC they would have half the paid company in their downline at the end of pre-launch. Meaning a total of 180,000 / 2 or 90,000 x 10 points = 900,000 points.  You would receive a 50% match or 450,000 points from the pre-launch.
  • Suppose you wait until after the pre-launch to invite them. (You demand they stay downline.)
  • They are now on the BOTTOM of the pre-launch people inviting their 1000 in your program.
  • They would receive a maximum of 60 + 600 + 120 = 780 points for three personals in each phase of the pre-launch. You will get nothing because there is no match on the First Floor.
  • They would now bring in 1000 x 10 points = 10,000 points and you receive a match of 5,000 points. You may NOT receive anything on Primaries because their entire 7 Floors could potentially be below your 7 Floors.
  • You could get 5000 points if you wait or you get 450,000 points, in this example, if you act. Which is better?

Why would you tell your upline in another program about the PPEC pre-launch?

  • If you act fast with date and time on all three phases in pre-launch you will get 7 bonus points.
  • You sponsor children and they sponsor children (you do not know) to get as high as possible in pre-launch through 2-4 pool points.
  • Your upline now knows the system and sponsors everyone and the team is building hard.
  • You now benefit from the solid filled Pair Tree from your leading upline and get many more customers in your group than had your sponsor not joined.
  • Your sponsor in the other program is now your personal and you get the match in the PPEC.

What about the objection that others will be defocused in this program?

Our program is about advertising ANY program.  We have the BEST marketing tools possible, which are designed to drive traffic.  Our advertising program can only HELP any other program.

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Notice: Please seek professional tax and legal advice in your country on the implications of potential digital earnings, especially with our Equity Distribution Formula.