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  • Verify Cell Phone
  • Create Username
  • We Use Telegram

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Note: The content below is the transcript of the video above, which can be translated into any language using the Google Translate button directly above the video on this page.

Start by opening a browser and going to  This will take you to the Telegram homepage.   

Take a moment, scroll through the page and look at some of the features that are available to you through Telegram. It will become abundantly clear why we have chosen to use Telegram as our communication device for everyone. 

Because Telegram is instantaneous, we do not have to worry about any lost email or email going to your junk or spam folder.

When you start to create your account, you will see every platform that is supported by Telegram.  On mobile devices Telegram is called Telegram Messenger. 

I am going to show you by using my Mac computer, there is an option for “Telegram for Mac, PC, or Linux”. Choose the format or the platform that you want to download.  I am going to click on the Mac link and I will be directed here.

You will see the same as this video, if using a Mac and it will say, “get Telegram for OS X”.

You can always click the link to show all platforms again, if you need to select a different operating system.  I am going to click “get Telegram for OS X" in this video. 

Once the application is downloaded, you can open Telegram and the website will take you to this page. You can now click “start messaging”. 

Enter your cell phone number that you are going to use to access your Messenger or Telegram account.  Click next.  The software will send an access code to your cell phone number.  When you receive the access code, type it in the confirm box.  Once you complete this you will be taken to the Messenger page or to your home page of your Telegram account.

We suggest that you take a few minutes and edit the “settings” by updating your profile photo and choose a username, so that people using Telegram can readily find and identify you.

You are all set up for messaging on Telegram. 

We look forward to sending you some good news soon!

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