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The initial major product for the PPEC Mall is advertising at the top of every page in branded eBooks.

A branded eBook is a book with an advertiser link to any product or service at the top of every page and the PPEC customer link to the PPEC.

The PPEC is a group of individuals, working under worldwide common law to promote the sale of the eBook advertising, while voluntarily circulating Equity Points based on their advertising effort in the PPEC.

Each Loyalty eBook sells advertising at the top of every page. The wholesale price for the advertising is: Phase One $30, Phase Two $300, and Phase Three $140. We also have a Circulating Currency eBook, which teaches about circulating money, how to get into the digital world, set up digital accounts, put a buy button on any website for any product you own, and register for everything in our program. The Circulating Currency eBook sells for $15 wholesale and $10 is paid directly to the referrer.

The first eBooks will promote the PPEC system, the concept of circulating currency, PPEC Mall barter system, and the initial PPEC Management Company public offering.

The next group of eBooks will specifically promote companies we plan to take to public through a licensed stock brokerage. We will focus on companies that will do the most benefit for people worldwide without depending on profit. As example, the first project is planned to take a gas plasma furnace to market with the specific purpose to clean up the environment by burning harmful garbage into bio safe products. We will target products for health (medical), energy, water and food.

Click Here to View the Intended Plasma Generator eBook Content

We will then provide the eBook software for anyone to produce branded eBooks.

Finally, we will post accepted eBooks into our mall which match our business model.

Most of this system is supported by back office for downloading, branding and the purchase of the advertising. We have a separate support system for branding questions once the software is available for public purchase.


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Notice: Please seek professional tax and legal advice in your country on the implications of potential digital earnings, especially with our Equity Distribution Formula.