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The PPEC Mall is similar to the largest malls today but with no affiliate program. The major distribution of wealth is through circulation of reward points (coupons) through your work effort (advertising). The mall is a direct referral program. You refer individuals to the mall and when they purchase, you will receive coupons based on the difference between what you pay and your customer pays for the same product.

We hope to have every product and service available as the years pass. The Mall will start out with the three Loyalty (special product) eBooks for Phase One, Phase Two, and Phase Three. The eBooks may be on back order during pre-launch but will be available as soon as possible with the First Phase eBook being a coded version of the PPEC (Perfect Private Equity Coop) website, linking to the PPEC registration form.

The PPEC Mall will focus initially on the Loyalty eBooks, but will soon provide the software for sale to allow anyone to create any branded eBook of their choice. If their eBooks are of high quality and of benefit for our general PPEC Mall customers, we will market their eBook in our mall. The Author will need to provide a significant referral commission structure to fit our mall circulating currency reward points with branded advertising concept.

Coupons are effectively our “Mall Currency” but coupons have no real dollar exchange value. They are used to keep track of the circulation of money (work for advertising) in the mall. The coupons have a trade value in the mall and when used with any product will be converted to a dollar value at the moment of exchange; however, only the coupons are traded not any dollar value. The trade value is basically a reduction of price from the vendor accepting your coupons.

The PPEC Mall will have its own support system as a separate company from the PPEC Management Company. The support will be targeted toward consumers and NOT the individuals sending referrals to the Mall. Mall support will be targeted to vendors, warehousing and customer support such as shipping and returns. Mall support will have a basic function on how to become a referring customer but all that support will be handled under the PPEC Management Company.


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Notice: Please seek professional tax and legal advice in your country on the implications of potential digital earnings, especially with our Equity Distribution Formula.