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Changing Passwords and Email

  • One Way Communication
  • Multiple Security Fields
  • No Personal Information Held

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The PPEC uses a different technology for our website communication and security.

Basically it works like your cell phone. You have an account to your service provider but while typing and editing your text message you are not connected. When you send your message, the system identifies you and where you are sending the message and only connects long enough to send that message – ONE WAY.

When you send a command to us, like a referral link, you immediately disconnect and we process the command and return a web page to you with the information we need, then we disconnect. You fill out the form completely disconnected to us until you push the button to send. We receive the message and process it then send back the results to you.

Because of this process we often require more than one piece of security information to change things or get access to different parts of our program. If we just used a password as example, someone might compromise your password and get into your accounts.

The FIVE security things you will immediately need and do not forget them are:

  • Email Address – You must be able to receive email here.
  • First Name – You must spell it the same way with spaces and capitalization you used when registering any time we ask for it.
  • Password – Can be any combination of numbers, letters and $, % ,^ , and *.
  • PIN – Can be any combination of numbers, letters and $, % ,^ , and *. Use at least 4 characters.
  • User ID – This is a number.

In most critical forms you will need to leave our “Robot Catcher” blank.

In most forms you will need to include a captcha which is a funny group of numbers and letter the robots cannot read. If you cannot read the captcha on your page, press the “Reload” button to get another one.

If you make mistakes, the system will tell you what went wrong under the “Submit” button.

We cannot read your PIN or Password on our side because it is all encrypted. If you forget something, there is usually a way to change it as long as you have the other information. We have NO access.

We do not store your full name, address or other information in the PPEC.

Please do not forget your critical data.


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Notice: Please seek professional tax and legal advice in your country on the implications of potential digital earnings, especially with our Equity Distribution Formula.