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Note: The content below is the transcript of the video above, which can be translated into any language using the Google Translate button directly above the video on this page.

This page is here to show you how to use support.

The video (Roy Rogers and Dale Evans on horseback) found on many pages is a placeholder as we have not yet completed the video for many of the website pages. The reason we include a preview of an upcoming video’s transcript on these pages is that it allows us to penetrate the world market earlier. In some cases, the entire page may be a placeholder with no video or transcript yet. If you think it is a critical video let us know and we will increase its priority. Additionally, if you think we are missing a question / answer page, let us know and we can add it to our system.

Every page has the potential to be used for marketing. You should note that at the end of the URL is your User ID (rid=XXX). That allows you to both answer your prospect’s question and provides a marketing tool in case they are ready to sign up with you.

The menu selections to the far right are categories. The category tabs allow you to navigate to entirely different areas with different menu tabs across the top. The navigational logic used is to prevent information overload for those who just want to learn the basics.

  • From the “Support” category you can see all the other categories.
  • The “Marketing” category shows the “Marketing”, “Mission” and “Loyalty” categories.
  • The “Loyalty” category shows the “Loyalty” and “Mission” categories.
  • The “Mission” category introduces 2 more new sub-categories, which are “Start Here” and “Pre-launch”.
  • The most important category is the “Control Panel”. You get there by clicking on “Sign Up” on any page.
  • From the “Control Panel” you can see the “Control Panel” and “Support” categories.

You can always navigate through this website by clicking on “Sign Up” or “Support”. Again, “Support” gives you access to every category.

The PPEC tab (located in the upper left corner of every page) links to our Wikipedia covering virtually everything about our program in great detail, for those who need to know everything.

Above are the complete website navigational instructions. This is the only location you will find these instructions, after all, this is the Support category. Follow the above instructions for navigating all other pages.

The PPEC “Support” category is an expanded FAQ section. The intention is to provide a group of short videos, to answer any specific question that a customer or a prospective customer might ask.

Let us talk about the group of tabs, which are a part of “Support”.

  • “Accounts” explains the required accounts everyone will use
  • “Security” explains our password system
  • “Mall” explains how the mall integrates to the rest of the system
  • “eBooks” explains how we use eBooks in our program.
  • “Tickets” creates a Support Ticket for emergency situations

We use a support ticket system for emergency help. For example: if someone hacks into your system. We will depend on the referring customer in general to teach their customers where the information is located on our websites without the normal heavy overhead of a dedicated support team.

We will use Telegram heavily for communication. You can request to receive information, such as our newsletter through the newsletter channel via Telegram. We plan on using Telegram to send out opt in links instead of email because over 30% of the people have their email blocked by their email provider.

We conduct webinars, for those who prefer that kind of support. We will have extensive webinars on how to integrate the FREE marketing funnel along with the optional paid version, which includes high-end features such as full capture pages and auto responder integration.


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Notice: Please seek professional tax and legal advice in your country on the implications of potential digital earnings, especially with our Equity Distribution Formula.