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Positions in the Pair Trees are a key feature of Circulating Currency. The sooner you join and purchase eBooks the higher your potential income.

Imagine a Pair Tree that looks like a tree with you at the top and two positions under you and two under each of them and so on level after level.

This is normally described as a forced two by infinity matrix but we are radically different. You are placed in the Pair Tree based on “performance first” not solely on date and time. This means your position does not depend on who signs you up but how YOU perform.

Each individual phase or project has one or more eBooks with advertising associated with it and consequently a separate Pair Tree. When you purchase that eBook ad you set the date and time for determining ties within a Pair Tree.

Alert: Purchasing the Circulating Currency eBook ad will adjust future Pair Tree entry dates grandfathered to the date of your purchase of the Circulating Currency eBook ad if earlier than the specific phase eBook..

Extra Alert: If you sign up and purchase the $15 Circulating Currency eBook, your Pair Tree dates will grandfather all the way back to your Circulating Currency purchase date, even if others purchase other phase eBooks ads before you. THIS IS A HUGE ADVANTAGE. This could mean the difference in being at the top of a Pair Tree or hundreds of positions later if all other performance requirements are equal.

As example, if we have 10,000 customers during pre launch who only purchase the first $30 eBook ad, and you were the only one to buy the $15 ad, you would instantly have half the customers in your Pair Tree.

What should you do? Click the "Sign Up" button immediately and then purchase your Circulating Currency eBook ad immediately.

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Notice: Please seek professional tax and legal advice in your country on the implications of potential digital earnings, especially with our Equity Distribution Formula.