To inspire breakthroughs in the world by creating a new economy.

  • Circulate Currency
  • Decentralized Economy
  • Built by the People
  • Governed by the People

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Note: The content below is the transcript of the video above, which can be translated into any language using the Google Translate button directly above the video on this page.

The mission of the PPEC is to create a decentralized system, controlled by the people, providing a financial stream based on productivity. That financial stream will be focused into a barter economy where individuals directly deal with the entire organization for any product or service they have to offer. The end goal will be to provide money, health, energy, food and water to the community without any centralized government or elitist control. 

We use a process called, circulating currency. You can check the “Circulating Currency” tab above to understand how it works and why we strongly believe in it.

This is a well thought out economic system requiring a high degree of mathematics and economics. However, we believe we can break it down into small pieces how the entire system works, so that EVERYONE can appreciate their opportunity for success.

Most programs attempting to use the masses by referring other members by word of mouth are built around a flawed marketing process. Virtually all marketing and economic systems are designed to flow only one direction, to the top and make the rich richer.

We mathematically circulate more than one third of all the Equity Points back to the producers, who are usually the new people just getting started. This circulation process gives the new person a powerful incentive to produce quickly. This in turn circulates Equity Points back into the system stimulating our closed loop economy. You can be a top performer anytime, by doing equal work with other top performers during a bonus period, and share in that circulation, if you need to boost your Equity Point flow.

This process empowers our community to share in its economic growth. The top performers will come from every end of the financial spectrum; from the extremely wealthy to the far less fortunate without creating an entitlement class on either end.
Now let’s talk about the group of tabs, which are a part of “Mission”.

  • The “Mission Possible” tab is designed to excite someone into looking at what we have. We really mean it that anyone can get involved even if they have to borrow a cell phone or register at the library to get started.
  • The “PPEC Mall” tab introduces you to our barter mall concept.
  • The “Projects” tab will introduce you to how our projects will work. We really do not need to make the projects profitable because the circulating currency economy will create Equity Points for all to participate. Therefore, if we promote a new medicine to market, we are doing it because it helps the community and not the normal profit motive creating outrageous prices which the sick cannot afford.

There are two Sub Categories on the top right.

  • The “Start Here” category will introduce you into all the things you need to register for in order to be successful in our program. Do not worry, we will teach you everything to be successful at understanding and using digital currency. Just take your time and go over the videos as often as needed until you get what you need. We provide other support and of course the individual who invited you should also be very interested in your success because of our powerful matching program.
  • The “Pre-launch” tab is a must read. It will give you the knowledge of why taking action early is so important. Check it out right away.

If the person referring you, or if you are registered and want to use your User ID to surf this website, you will be able to use the “Contact” tab. For this tab to work you need to set up your Contact Account through our “Marketing” category.
You can reach our PPEC Wikipedia from the top left PPEC tab on any page. This has more centralized information. The web page you are looking at is a target web page for specific questions.

Finally, the “Sign Up” button or link is on EVERY PAGE and often in multiple places. This is where you can register for FREE in the PPEC. It is also the BEST tool for navigating where you want to go on the website. Just click the “Sign Up” link taking you to the “Control Panel”. You can go to the “Support” category to have access to everything else.


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Notice: Please seek professional tax and legal advice in your country on the implications of potential digital earnings, especially with our Equity Distribution Formula.