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Note: The content below is the transcript of the video above, which can be translated into any language using the Google Translate button directly above the video on this page.

Before going into all the details, we want to share with you just how easy it is to get started. We are going to use COPAY in this example.

Visit and choose the operating system for your device.

We recommend you connect to COPAY on all your devices.

You can run a wallet (this is more like a bank or place you keep your digital money) on virtually ANY device, like a computer or cell phone. You will have total control over your digital currency with COPAY. This service is very powerful! YOU control all your funds just like you would, if you owned the bank. No one has access to these accounts, unless you give them access to your computer or phone and give up your passwords.

WARNING: Do not give away or lose your passwords. Make SURE when you send money you are sending the correct amount. Always look, on your screen, at the currency amount you are sending and do not depend on just the bitcoin value showing for your transaction.

The COPAY wallet lets you create any number of wallets and give them names like: business, personal, vacation or anything for that matter. The wallet even has the ability to require multiple signatures, such as vacation funds in a joint wallet, which both you and your spouse must sign in order to release the funds.

The most important part of digital currency is that YOU must take responsibility. You must remember your passwords and PIN numbers because YOU are the absolute banker.

Once you download and start your COPAY application, COPAY will ask you to create your backup for your wallet. Select your wallet and click the gear at the top right of your application to open the menu.

Next click backup and write down the twelve words and put them someplace secure that you will not forget. Do NOT lose them. Click continue and enter the words in order to prove you wrote them down.

We recommend, after backing up the twelve words that you remove the twelve security words from your phone. Because, if you lose your phone, someone can restore your wallet on their computer with their password and take all your money.

You can give your wallet a name etc. This video is not an instruction manual on COPAY. We only want you to set one up quickly so we can send funds to you immediately when you sell advertising.

You now have a wallet. Click your wallet name and select receive on the bottom left to create a QR code or address to give to others or to place on your website so you can receive funds. There are many options like amount etc.

Finally, if you are paying others, select your wallet, then click send on the bottom right. Snap a picture of their payment QR code or enter their long bitcoin address, then press “send” AFTER you verify the amount in your currency you are sending on your device screen. We recommend you put a special password on your send transactions.

It is that easy to be a bank to send and receive bitcoin. Load COPAY on all devices and you are ready to do business. Copy your QR code and put it on your website for people to pay you. You can link your accounts and add multiple signatures to make your wallet safer.

Note: We recommend you immediately register your COPAY bitcoin address for receiving funds with the PPEC program. (Register your Uphold account, but we will pay to the bitcoin address.) If you earn a referral commission for the sale of an eBook Ad, and you have no payment address on file, you immediately and permanently forfeit your peer to peer commission to the company. Bitcoin transactions are one way and permanent. There is no way for us to “hold” your funds to pay you later. Set up your bitcoin address immediately with the PPEC.


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Notice: Please seek professional tax and legal advice in your country on the implications of potential digital earnings, especially with our Equity Distribution Formula.