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Note: The content below is the transcript of the video above, which can be translated into any language using the Google Translate button directly above the video on this page.

So if you will simply go to… that is this website right here, and fill out this simple little form with your first name, last name, email, choose a password check the box and click the big blue button that says "Sign Up". 

Coinbase will send to your email account, the one you just put in the form, a verification email.  Go to your email account to retrieve it. Click on the verification link, and it will take you to a verification page and you simply click the big blue button that says “Verify my email”.   You will notice you get a welcome page that says: “Welcome YOUR NAME let us get started”.  The green message above is just a notification that your email has been verified. 

The website wants you to put in your CELL phone number, so the software can send you a text message for verification purposes.  Put in your cell phone number, then click "Next". The system message will say; “We just sent you a text message to the phone number you just gave us with your seven-digit verification code”.  Type the verification code into the box, then click “Verify your phone number”. 

The software will want you to choose from a list of banks. If you did not see your bank, click “Other bank”. You will now need to fill out the login information that you use online when you log into your bank account.  Put in your username and password, click the blue button, and the software will verify with your bank that you are who you say you are. After the software has verified your banking information, you will be taken to a success page.

The last thing we have to do is buy bitcoin.  Go to the correct field and enter your local currency. In my case in the video I used US dollars. Type in the amount you need for your purchase. In this demo I am going to buy $10 to show you it is easy. The software automatically converts your currency to bitcoins at the current exchange rate. Next, push the big blue button that says, “Buy bitcoin”.  You will be taken to a payment confirmation page that says “You are about to spend $10 to buy a certain number of bitcoin that will be deposited into your bitcoin wallet.  The button will say, "Do you want to confirm?”  Push the button to “Confirm”.  You will be taken to a confirmation page that says, your buy has been completed. 

You will notice the bitcoins will not be deposited into your wallet for 6 days.   If you want to get involved quicker, click the blue button that says, “I want my bitcoins sooner”. This will take you to another page that simply asks for a confirmation of your credit card.  Use a credit card that has and available amount for your purchase.  This is a backup payment, in the event the bank does not transfer the money for the purchase of bitcoins in time.  Your credit card will not be chaged if the bank completes the transfer in time.   If you choose the credit card option, click "Next" and the bitcoins will instantly be put into your wallet and be available for use to make your purchase.   We strongly recommend you use the credit card backup option.

You wil now be directed to your Coinbase back office, which is essentially a bitcoin wallet.  Every time you log into Coinbase using the username and password you selected at the beginning of this tutorial, you wil be taken to the BackOffice where you can check the status of your account!


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