Fund Uphold

Using Credit Cards and Bank

  • Transfer Funds from Bank
  • Use Debit or Credit Cards First Choice
  • Bank takes up to 10 days
  • Select Currency Cards
  • Fiat or Metals
  • Verify Accounts and Bank

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Note: The content below is the transcript of the video above, which can be translated into any language using the Google Translate button directly above the video on this page.

Start by logging into your Uphold account. The next step is to fund this account was some dollars.  Typically will do that by transferring money from your checking account or savings account into your Uphold account.  And to do that you that you have to choose which cards you want an active.  

Think of these cards as loadable debit cards.   You can specify how much money you want to park or place or load onto each one of these cards and how many cards you want to have active in your Uphold e-wallet.   You’ll notice you can choose currencies from literally around the world that you can place Money in.  Or you have some commodities like silver, gold and Bitcoin. When you purchase Bitcoin for example, if you buy $100 worth of Bitcoin you’ll be buying them at the current value of Bitcoin when you do the transaction.  If you leave them on your Bitcoin card you will be subject to ups and downs of the Bitcoin market hourly, daily, monthly, etc.  Same thing with the commodities.  If you put $100 US dollars on to your USD card, there you will have $100 US Dollars.

So let’s do that right now.  Click on the dollar card and that will open up these three funding options.   You can transfer money from your bank account, but not yet because you’re not a verified member.   So that’s not an option today but when you do it’s free of charge and takes one to seven business days.   You can use a credit or debit card but also you have to be a verified member which are not yet.   There’s a slight fee for that but it’s two or three days before the funding takes place.  The third option is available to you right now and that’s “virtual currency” like Bitcoin.   It’s free of charge and takes up to 2 hours to actually put the funds in your Uphold account.   For complete instructions on how to transfer Bitcoin to your Uphold account right now, look for and watch the tutorial “How to Send Bitcoin to Your Uphold Account”.

To become a verified member of Uphold click on one of the other funding options like “add credit/debit card” and follow the instructions.  Click the green button that says “become a member” and then you will see there are two steps here.  One, you have to submit your address and next, a photo ID.  When you are ready to proceed click “start”.  Now type in your address on this first field, and the city, remember this is the address of the documentation you’re about to submit.   So this would be your driver’s license, passport or ID card.  Confirm your address and click “start”.    Confirm the country.   Typing in your taxpayer ID number and click “next”. 

Now before you click “start verification” make sure you have your ID handy.   In other words with you, because you’re going to have an opportunity to scan it in right here using your WebCam.   Now confirm the country you’re from and select your form of ID.   In my case a drivers license.   And now you have two choices.   Either uploaded an existing digital image, front and back, of the ID you want to use or you can use your WebCam to scan a document right now.   So click on the green button and click “allow” if you got a pop-up that says “allow WebCam”.  And now it’s asking you to place your drivers license in your WebCam field of vision.

 Line it up nice and neat and then push the green button that says “take a snapshot”.   Now if the image looks good you hit this green button that says “confirm it”.   Now we are going to do the same thing with the back of your ID.   Put it up to the WebCam.  Take a snapshot when it’s properly framed.   Confirm that it’s good.  And now lastly you need a photo of yourself.   So take a snapshot of yourself.   If you think it looks good enough click “confirm”.   And now your document is being uploaded to Uphold for analysis and verification.  When the upload is complete you’ll get this message telling you that the verification process has begun.    Click the green button that says “continue”.    “Thanks for submitting your identity”.   If you click on your US dollar card again now and try to add a bank account will see you haven’t become a member quite yet. But if you click the green button that says “become a member” it will give you a status that says “your address has been submitted, we’re reviewing your identity”.   So if you click “continue” basically you are waiting for an email verification that the validation process has been completed.  Now go check your email account. 

Within a few minutes you should receive an email from Uphold that looks like this and it says “congratulations on becoming an Uphold verified member”.   So if you click the green “login” button, once again it will take you back to your uphold BackOffice.  

And now if you click the USD card and now click “add bank account” it will actually give you the step-by-step form that you need to fill out to be able to add your checking account or savings account as a funding source into Uphold.   Then you simply transfer the funds, it takes 1 to 7 days, into your Uphold account.   Same thing with the credit card.  

So that’s it!   It’s a little bit of a tedious process but we were able to show you how to do it in a little over six minutes.   So congratulations.   You now know how to verify and fund your Uphold account.


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Notice: Please seek professional tax and legal advice in your country on the implications of potential digital earnings, especially with our Equity Distribution Formula.