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There are several ways to earn Equity Points in the PPEC.

Please keep in mind, in all discussions about advertising; we are NOT talking about dollars (fiat currency) but as a reference for Equity Points. The customer purchases at the current dollar value compared to the market price of a digital currency. Due to delays in the digital currency market with constant changing value, the actual value the referring customer receives could be MORE or LESS than the dollar value when they look at their account. In all cases the company plans to take the costs, such as conversions and fees from the company margin and provide the full digital currency, AT THE TIME OF PURCHASE, to the referring customer.

A significant point to note is, retail sales pay pier to pier, meaning the company does NOT receive your funds, but they are paid direct to you from your customer. You are not an employee or contractor with the company and are responsible for your own income. The software only directs who to pay and works like a public recorder on the blockchain.

When a customer purchases a Loyalty eBook (special eBook) in the PPEC Mall, they have three choices on check out.

1. They can purchase the product as a customer only and pay the full retail price. In this case the difference between retail and the company margin price will be given to the referring Customer. As example, the Phase One eBook explaining the entire PPEC Equity Point system and how it ties into all Phases of our program sells for $40 retail, $30 wholesale and the company margin is $10. In this case the referring customer will receive $30 directly which is the difference between the retail price and the company margin.

2. They can elect to become a referring customer, by registering on their referrer's team in the PPEC, and be able to receive the product and all other PPEC Mall products at the wholesale price. In the above example, they would be able to purchase the Phase One eBook for $30 and the referring customer will receive $20 directly which is the difference between the wholesale price and the company margin.

3. They can elect to become a Loyalty Customer by converting their Loyalty Coupon into 20 Equity Points in the PPEC. When they voluntarily send those 20 Equity Points to the individual who referred them in the PPEC (their Parent), they will be marked as Qualified on the First Floor of the PPEC Phase One.

Notice: If the customer exercises their Loyalty Coupon, it works like a manufacture instant cash discount at the counter. Their Equity Points are now in the digital currency in THEIR control and can change value up or down instantly. It costs them NOTHING to join the PPEC. They just authorized the normal Mall commission to go to THEM instead of the individual who referred them.

Warning: You need the full Equity Points for qualification, AT THE CURRENT MARKET PRICE. This means if you are holding your Equity Points, you are not Qualified in the PPEC and the value could go up or down. If you later decide to “Step Up” voluntarily in the PPEC, by sending your Equity Points to your referrer for their work effort to get you into the program, you may not have enough Equity Points to do so. In this case you will need to sell another eBook ad to have enough Equity Points to “Step Up”.

It is always best to tell the software when your customer checks out, to have your customer pay the First Floor Equity Points (for your FIRST eBook each Phase only) directly to your referrer. This way you immediately get Qualified and your referrer is holding the points and the possible digital currency changes.

The only “auto step up” in our program is for the FIRST eBook in each Phase. Additionally, during pre-launch of an eBook the software holds funds in a separate digital wallet to be paid by “auto step up” at the end of the pre-launch because payment cannot be determined until the end of each pre-launch.


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Notice: Please seek professional tax and legal advice in your country on the implications of potential digital earnings, especially with our Equity Distribution Formula.